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PayCertify Premium Promotional Offer Terms

Welcome to the PayCertify Premium Promotional Offer Terms. On this page, you can find and read the terms and conditions that apply to the promotional offer that you’ve signed up for.



PayCertify Promotional Offers (each a “Promotional Offer”) are made available by PayCertify subject to the PayCertify Terms and Conditions of Use (“PayCertify Terms and Conditions”).

Each Promotional Offer is made available in connection with a form of Paid Subscription (as defined in the PayCertify Terms of Use), such as PayCertify One Dollar Offer as the case may be and subject to the offer as advertised.

Subject to the PayCertify Subscription as advertised in a Promotional Offer, these terms and conditions (the “Promotional Offer Terms”) supplement and incorporate by reference the additional terms and conditions corresponding to that particular PayCertify Subscription Service, as shown below:

Terms and conditions for the PayCertify Subscription Service referenced in a Promotional Offer

  • PayCertify Startup Subscription
  • PayCertify Enterprise Subscription
  • PayCertify Presidential Subscription
  • PayCertify Presidential Plus Subscription

For any Promotional Offer, in the event of any inconsistency between these Promotional Offer Terms and the relevant corresponding terms and conditions referenced in the above table, these Promotional Offer Terms will prevail.

The Promotional Offer.

Each Promotional Offer provides access to the PayCertify Subscription Service advertised:

  1. at the price advertised (if any); and
  2. for an initial introductory period as further described in section 5 of these terms, beginning the moment that you confirm your acceptance of the Promotional Offer advertised by submitting valid payment details that are accepted by PayCertify (the “Promotional Period”).

By submitting your payment details, you (i) confirm your acceptance of the Promotional Offer advertised; (ii) accept and agree to these Promotional Offer Terms, including the relevant terms and conditions corresponding to the PayCertify Subscription Service advertised (as described above); and (iii) acknowledge and agree to the PayCertify Terms of Use. All information collected by PayCertify under any Promotional Offer will be processed and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise advertised, Promotional Offers do not permit or provide access to any third party goods or services.


In order to be eligible for a Promotional Offer, users must satisfy all of the following conditions (each an “Eligible User”):

  1. Unless you are subscribing to a Promotional Offer that is advertised as available to past subscribers to a PayCertify Subscription Service, you must be a new subscriber to any and all forms of PayCertify Services or the Entreprise service (as defined in the PayCertify Terms of Use) and not have subscribed to, or accepted a trial in the past.
  2. If you are subscribing to a Promotional Offer that is advertised as available only to past subscribers to a PayCertify Subscription Service, you must have been a subscriber to the relevant PayCertife Subscription Service (as advertised) whose subscription expired before the date advertised.
  3. In respect of Promotional Offers for PayCertify Subscription: the additional eligibility requirements set out in the corresponding terms and conditions for those respective subscription plans.
  4. Unless otherwise advertised, provide PayCerity with a valid and current payment method that is approved by PayCertify.
  5. Unless otherwise advertised, provide the payment method above directly to PayCertify and not through a third party (e.g., not through a cable or telecommunications provider or other distributor)
  6. Additional eligibility requirements (if any) as advertised from time-to-time in connection with a Promotional Offer.

Eligible Users may accept a Promotional Offer once – previous users may not redeem the offer again.


A Promotional Offer must be accepted before the applicable expiration date advertised, if any. Except where prohibited by law, PayCertify reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate a Promotional Offer at any time and for any reason, in which case we will not honour subsequent Promotional Offer enrollments.

Duration and cancellation.

In the case of any Promotional Offer, the corresponding Promotional Period shall continue for the period as advertised, subject to section 4, above.

Unless you cancel a Promotional Offer before the end of the Promotional Period, you will automatically become a recurring subscriber to the type of PayCertify Subscription Service that you chose to sign up to under the Promotional Offer and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged the then-current monthly price. Any time-capped features of that PayCertify Subscription Service will be reduced by the length of the Promotional Period.

If you cancel a Promotional Offer during the Promotional Period, you will lose access to the PayCertify Subscription Service. To cancel, you must email and ask for a cancellation.