Sofia Diaz

Sr. Program Marketing Manger

06 January 2021

In order to scale, you need to get creative. 

We have been trained to pay business expenses and vendor payments through our bank account. If you are a Media Agency or you manage your own ads you know how difficult it is to be at the mercy of your bank.  Getting your accounts banned or suspended, dealing with transaction fees and not having clear visibility of your spend can be one of the biggest revenue obstacles you will face.

At PayCertify we know that controlling costs and creating more profit matters. With our cutting edge technology and our virtual cards, agencies can now concentrate on what really matters…building bigger brands!   

So, how can you stop leaving money on the table and start scaling? 

Stop Getting Banned or Suspended! 

If you are a Media Agency, buying media daily, your worst nightmare is getting banned. Some of the main reasons accounts are blocked are “policy violations”, spending cap, card limit, or administrative issues.

To remedy this, PayCertify Virtual Credit Cards allow an unparalleled level of precision for agencies managing Ad accounts. Define budgets and controls that suit your needs, as well as create and manage 100s of campaigns across all social channels.

As a buyer, you can issue custom Virtual Credit Cards for Ad Spend on every channel instantly and securely, which can be customized and issued in the name of the employee managing that particular account, which makes recovery a snap. Reloadable cards can be used over and over so long as funds are added, and can be used once or as many  times as needed until the card balance is depleted.


If an Ad Account gets banned, the employee can easily appeal the decision by proving the account and payment method is theirs and get their money back quickly and easily. This creates longer-lasting media accounts and means no more lost MIDs! 

Unlimited cashback for media buying with PayCertify

Photograph by PayCertify

Benefit from transactions

When using credit cards or paying our affiliates you are used to being penalized with fees, 2% per transaction, and then another 2-3% for paying your affiliates, and it seems like the fees never stop. Now with PayCertify make your transactions work for you.  

With our Virtual Cards, you can make payments faster and easier than ever, and you can get unlimited cashback on all your transactions.  There is no cost to sending payments, or to those who receive payments. Participating affiliates and suppliers in the US, Canada, and Europe will have an incomparable user experience and can be paid instantly. 

All your payables can be automated, saving you time and giving you the opportunity to stay focused on the things that matter most. No matter how many cards are created – every transaction earns cashback. Every part of your business should be working for you, helping you earn more.

With No Cross-Border Fees, take your savings one step further by making payments all over the world at no additional cost.

Easily Manage and Organizing Accounts 

It can be challenging to simultaneously organize numerous campaigns, keep track of multiple credit cards, and at the same time to stay within budget. 

With our user-friendly dashboard, you will be able to keep your cards and accounts clean and organized. All of your campaigns are easily visible, clearly showing the customized card tied to each account. Not only will you be streamlining your campaigns, but you will also make additional capital.

Define budgets and controls that suit your needs, as well as create and manage 100s of campaigns across all social channels. The dashboard allows you to see your daily spend and monitor weekly to make sure your metrics are improving and to keep an eye on what is going on in your business.

By creating a direct relationship with each campaign through PayCertify Virtual Cards, budgeting, and management become second nature!


Photograph by PayCertify

PayCertify is committed to making Ad Buyer’s lives more profitable and frictionless by providing proprietary, game-changing tools, which propel media buyers to build bigger brands, tackle new markets, and scale existing revenue. Let us help you pioneer profits through payments.  

Make additional capital without changing anything. Switch to Virtual Credit Cards and the PayCertify Suite, earn unlimited cashback, and become more profitable today. Visit us at