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PayCertify Service


PayCertify Service


PayCertify Platform Setup


Entrepeneur Membership

$39 Monthly/$374.40 Annualy

Startup Membership

$97 Monthly/$931.20 Annualy

Enterprise Membership

$197 Monthly/$1,891.20 Annualy

Presidential Membership

$297 Monthly/$2,851.20 Annualy

Virtual Card (Per Transaction)


Virtual Card Reload (Per Load)


Virtual Card Lost Disputes


Virtual Card Cross Border/Currency Fee

1.5% of Virtual Card Volume*

Virtual Card Cash Rebate Tiers

Depending on Membership and Spending

Entrepreneur Membership Cash Rebate


Startup Membership Cash Rebate


Enterprise Membership Cash Rebate


Presidential Membership Cash Rebate


Cash rebates are paid 60 days after the months end on that month's spend, funds are added back to the general account balance.

Fatt Merchant Startup Membership Payment Processing with PayCertify Gateway

2.99% + $0.30

Fatt Merchant Enterprise Membership Payment Processing

2.89% + $0.30

Fatt Merchant Presidential Membership Payment Processing

2.79% + $0.30